Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Story That's All Over Local Media

Just kidding. If not for Jihad Watch, I would never have read the latest about the golf club-wielding Muslima in Toronto who attacked infidels because she thought that's what Allah required of her.

Car-B-Cues: A French Sensation Spreads Its Fiery Wings

Car-fire jihad comes to Oslo.

Update: Europe Surrenders to Radical Islam

"Chicago's Dyke March Targets LGBTQ Jews With Old-Fashioned Anti-Semitism"

When my son wrote words to that effect, Facebook banned him for three days.

So much for free speech in Zuckerbergistan.

True Dope

Justin Trudeau took part in Toronto Pride while wearing socks that say ‘Eid Mubarak’

Thereby pandering to two victimhood groups in one go. (The irony, of course, is that the religion that celebrates Eid doesn't celebrate Pride, and takes a rather draconian approach to those who do.)

Monday, June 26, 2017

Eye On a Crazy Al Quds Day Seethe-a-thon

Toronto's al Quds Day is a reminder of the extent of Islamic extremism in Canada

The Toronto Public Library Caters to the "Resist 150" Party Poopers

The TPL--it's just sooo damn "progressive"/virtuous (scroll down):
Resist 150
As part of these Canada 150 events, Toronto Public Library acknowledges and remembers that Indigenous nations existed and thrived on these lands and territories thousands of years before the incorporation of Canada in 1867.
We are committed to ensuring that Indigenous voices and perspectives are represented and involved in our Canada 150 events, and in our programming throughout the year. We also respect and support the decision of Indigenous groups who have chosen not to participate in Canada 150 events as expressions of resistance against colonialism. For many Indigenous peoples, Canada 150 is a celebration of the wrongs committed against Indigenous peoples by Canada. The perspective of some in the Resist 150 movement is that Canada 150 signifies 150 years of broken treaties, mistreatment and a history of abuse that to some, constitutes genocide. As we celebrate these Canada 150 events, Toronto Public Library acknowledges that as Canadians, we are all treaty people, and that we are all agents in the process of Reconciliation. 
Gee, I don't think that disclaimer is nearly abject enough. I'm sure if they gave it another stab, they could find a way to make it sound even more self-abnegating and cringingly servile. 😏

Saturday, June 24, 2017

"They Help Everybody. Which Is What Islam Is Really All About"

More "holy month of Ramadan" puffery designed to instill warm and fuzzy feelings in infidels who sincerely want to believe that Islam, like Judaism and Christianity, inculcates that altruistic Golden Rule.

The truth, however, is rather at odds with that claim, given that nowhere in Islamic doctrine does the idea of "doing unto others, kafirs included, as you would have them do unto you" make any sort of appearance. How could it, when Islam's supremacist tenets require kafirs to be subdued such that they have no choice but to bow to the terms of the wiser, better and, yes, pluperfect faith.

Be Still My Wildly Beating Heart: Two of My Favourite Conservative Pundits Sit Down for a Chat