Saturday, March 17, 2018

Latvia Still the Same Old Cesspool of Judenhass?

Sure looks like it.

Too Bad. So Sad (Not Really)

For some African-Americans, it has never been easy where Louis Farrakhan is concerned

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It's way past time for "some African-Americans" to get a clue and grow a pair, don't you think?

Saturday, March 10, 2018

A Song For Louis the Lunatic (and His Lefty Fans)

What accounts for the way some Democrats--including Saint Barack--have no problem hanging out with a man whose racist views are entirely in synch with Adolf Hitler's? Mark Steyn takes a crack at explaining the bizarre behavior (of "Minister" Farrakhan and those inclined to schmooze with him) here. (Er, since he's the leader of an outré Islamic sect, shouldn't he be called "imam"?)

Steyn also mentions that, way back when, the NOI nut job was a regular Harry Belafonte.

Well, maybe not a full-fledged Belafonte, but definitely a Belafonte wannabe whose showbiz name, hilariously, was "The Charmer."

That said, he was never a threat to the King of Calypso, whose mellowest hit has now been 'mouched:

Down the way you can hear him bray
That "the Joooos" are evil and they're doin' harm.
Some Democrats who are lousy rats
They have convinced themselves the man is full of charm.

And they're glad to stay near Louis. Hey,
He is a leader with great caché.
He's a con man; he's got a terrible plan.
There is no worse a Jew-detester than Farrakhan.

Down the market you can hear
Louis cry out, lie and acting like a douche.
Although he claim to be like MLK
He is spiteful, dangerous and very louche.

they're glad to stay near Louis. Hey,

He is a leader with great caché.
He's a con man; he's got a terrible plan.
There is no worse a Jew-detester than Farrakhan.

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Why Would Two RCMP Officers Collapse During a Trudeau Speech?

Was it due to the stress of having to stand at attention for so long? Perhaps. I contend, however, that it was an involuntary physical reaction to having to listen to our drama queen of a prime minister and his snoozeroo utterances for more than five minutes.

The NYT Poses an Utterly Disingenuous Question

To wit: Why Is Louis Farrakhan Back in the News?

There are only three reasons why Farrakhan would be back in the news, ones that should be obvious to anyone familiar with the man and his M.O.:
  1. He no longer has a pulse
  2. He's launched another "Million Man March"
  3. He's a-spewin' about and a-hatin' on "the Jooooos" again.

Not a Good Move: Sleeping With Your Stalker

I thought it was pretty farfetched when Matt LeBlanc, playing a version of himself, did just that on his TV series Episodes, but Colin Firth's Missus shows us that, in fact, such a scenario is entirely plausible.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Ultimate In Virtue Signaling

Canada's new $10 bill shows the visage of Viola Desmond (she was Canada's Rosa Parks, apparently) along with 
an image of Winnipeg's Canadian Museum of Human Rights, as well as part of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
That's so you'll feel extra-good about yourself when shelling out all the moolah (lots and lots and lots of tens) purloined by the spendaholic Trudeau government.

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Monday, March 5, 2018

FYI: I Won't Be Blogging For the Next Few Days...

We're in the process of packing up and moving back to our house (which has been undergoing a lengthy renovation, now mostly completed). I hope to be back at the old keyboard soon--but can't say exactly when that will be.