Saturday, May 27, 2017

Kinder Surprise Eggs Finally Set to Arrive In the Land That Bans Non-Nutriative Embeds

In other words, in the US of A, where the chocolate treats have been tweaked to comply with the inane national requirements.

Poor, Poor Linda Sarsour

The New York Times convenes a pity party for this dreadful woman because she's the target of "ire" of those who don't share her eliminationist leanings.

The heart bleeds great, big gobbets of blood.

“It’s Everywhere. It’s Constant. It’s Nonstop...It Can Happen Here Almost Any Time"

Words to live--and perhaps die--by, from Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly.

Kelly added that if Americans knew what he knows about terror threats in the country, they would, and I quote, "never leave the house."

Meanwhile, here in Canada--pillowzzz!!!

Update: Re the terrorism threat, Canada's government has a bad case of the warm 'n' fuzzies (my bolds):
Canadian officials have no plans to raise the country’s terrorism threat level in the wake of a deadly suicide bombing that killed 22 people and injured 59 others at the end of a concert by U.S. singer Ariana Grande at Manchester Arena in northern England on Monday. 
The government of British Prime Minister Theresa May raised the UK terror threat level from “severe” to “critical” on Tuesday, the highest level indicating that further attacks may be imminent. 
“While we do not comment on specific threats or operations related to national security, we can say that Canadian national security and law enforcement partners monitor all potential threats and have robust measures in place to address them,” Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said in a statement. “Canada’s threat level remains at medium, and has been unchanged since October, 2014.” 
Nevertheless, Goodale urged Canadians to remain vigilant and to report any unusual or suspicious behaviour to their local police. 
“Canada is fundamentally a safe and peaceful nation,” Goodale said. “We will take all appropriate action to counter terrorist threats to Canada, its citizens and our way of life.”...
I can't tell you how soundly I sleep at night knowing the Trudeaupians are at the helm. 😟

A Damn Good Question

Why is Trump's Defense Department Celebrating Ramadan?

I'm blaming it on the supernatural properties of the orb.

Update: Jonah Goldberg, who is obviously functioning on way too little sleep, notes that orb spelled backwards is bro.

Friday, May 26, 2017

A Leader With Way Too Much Time on His Hands

Justin Trudeau wins hearts by building pillow fort with a little girl

'Scuze me while I barf.

Europe Channels Its Inner Captain Renault

It is shocked--shocked!--by the Manchester terrorism.

On Eve of Eid, Trump Touts "The Spirit of Ramadan," Performs Maladroit Jihadectomy

This hardly inspires confidence in the man's judgment:
WASHINGTON -- President Trump reminisced on last weekend's trip to Saudi Arabia in a message today wishing "all Muslims a joyful Ramadan" on "behalf of the American people." 
The month of fasting begins tonight and ends June 24, when Muslims begin celebrating Eid al-Fitr. 
"During this month of fasting from dawn to dusk, many Muslims in America and around the world will find meaning and inspiration in acts of charity and meditation that strengthen our communities. At its core, the spirit of Ramadan strengthens awareness of our shared obligation to reject violence, to pursue peace, and to give to those in need who are suffering from poverty or conflict," Trump said. 
"This year, the holiday begins as the world mourns the innocent victims of barbaric terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom and Egypt, acts of depravity that are directly contrary to the spirit of Ramadan. Such acts only steel our resolve to defeat the terrorists and their perverted ideology."
All I can say to that whopping heap of bilge is, "Dream on, Don." Islam's founder himself ordered and presided over the beheading of every adult male member of the Banu Qurayza, a Jewish tribe. Barbaric? Sure. And, like the acts of today's jihadis, in no way contrary to "the spirit of Ramadan." 

"Defiance Chic" In Manchester: "Holier Than Though" Bee Tattoos

If only it was the equivalent of saying, "Jihad, bee-gone!":
Hundreds of Mancunians have been queuing to get their city's symbolic worker bee tattooed on them in the wake of the terror attack that rocked the city.  
Members of the public were filmed outside the city's Holier Than Thou tattoo centre as they waited in the scorching sun, while other parlours reported large numbers queuing for the design. 
Minimum donations of £40 were taken from customers, but many were paying up to £100 for their bee tattoo, with all the money raised being donated to the Manchester Arena Victim's Fund. 
The worker bee was adopted as a motif for Manchester during the Industrial Revolution...
Something tells me that more than a few Mancunians who opted to get the tattoo will end up regretting their hasty decision.

Muslim Writer Performs Deft Jihadectomy In the Ottawa Citizen

Dude wants us to believe that non-specific "extremism" (and not those specifically heeding the jihad imperative embedded in Islam's core religious texts) is what plagues us:
The FLQ, the KKK, ISIL. They're all the same: terrorists motivated by socio-political goals, not spiritual aspirations. Militants, not men of faith.
So our real enemy, plain and simple, is not Islam, rather it's the extreme-leaning people of all backgrounds. And it's ignorance that breeds them...
Here's the truth of it: Islam's founder was both a militant and a man of faith (who married the two together when he invented the concept of jihad--"holy war"--i.e. sacralized combat). A man motivated both by socio-political goals and by spiritual aspirations. And the jihadis of today, the ones blowing up little girls in Manchester, are inspired to act by his "perfect" example.

That being so, our real enemy, plain and simple, is the ignorance of infidels who know nothing about Islam, who therefore presume that it's more or less the same as Judaism and Christianity, and who fall for this fellow's comforting claptrap.

Robert Lantos Shines a Light On the Perfidy of Anti-Israel "Progressives"

The National Post prints the speech Lantos delivered at last week's Toronto Wiesenthal do. I was fortunate enough to hear it in person (a friend gave us tickets), and was high-fiving it all the way through. I especially liked this bit:
The so-called progressives who denounce Israel are unfazed by the jailing of dissenters in Iran, oblivious to the oppression of women in Saudi Arabia, blind to the incarceration and torture of gay men in Qatar, accepting of widespread female genital mutilation and unperturbed by the persecution of Christians in several Islamic countries. Their single fixation is on the Jewish state, a country whose laws treat all citizens equally, regardless of gender or religion and guarantee them education, healthcare and civil liberties. A country where freedom of expression is sacred. 
Many progressives are singularly fixed on criticizing the Jewish state, a country that treats all citizens equally and guarantee their civil liberties 
It is time to stop kidding ourselves and to call all those with such selective social conscience the anti-Semites we all know they are. Hitler and the Nazis were vanquished but Jew hatred was not. It has found renewed vigour in an unholy partnership between  the jihadists and the proverbial useful idiots, who hide under the progressive mantle.
No doubt there were a few progressive-minded Jews in the crowd of over 2,000 who bristled at these words (Wiesenthal being in the "tolerance" business, and attracting some leftists on that basis). But that made hearing them so much more delicious than the meal (which was chicken, a tad dry, in case you were wondering).

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Didja Hear About the Didsbury Mosque and the, Er, Services It Offers?

The mosque is--or, rather, was--the preferred place of worship of Manchester's mass murdering jihadi. It is now trying to distance itself from him (best o' luck with that, chaps). One of the services it offers--sharia, baby:
Sharia Department

The Sharia Department is supervised by Sheikh Salem Sheikhi, who is assisted by his deputy Sheikh Mohammed Saeed.  E-mail:
Opening hours of Shari’a Department 
Monday to Thursday 10 am to 3 pm, Friday: 2 pm to 3 pm
The most important services provided by the Sharia department include:
  1. Issuing Fatwas
  1.  Issues related to the Muslim Family’s affairs in Britain.
    1. Contracts:
      1. Performing marriage contracts and sermons.
      2. Arranging Islamic power of attorney contracts relating to marriages.
      3. Issuing divorce certificates on behalf of the husband.
      4. Issuing Khul’ certificates.
      5. Issuing confirmation of Islam certificates for new Muslims.
    1. Solving family disputes:
      1. Issuing divorce resolutions in the following cases
        1. Domestic abuse from the husband.
        2. Irreconcilable disputes between husband and wife.
        3. Abandonment of the wife by the husband.
        4. Sexual problems.
      1. Issuing Khul’ resolutions by the head of The Sharia Department in cases of the husband’s refusal.
    1. Advice and consultations:
      1. Providing Sharia consultations regarding family disputes.
      2. Providing courses in family relations in Islam.
  1. Other issues regarding general personal affairs:
    1. Providing assistance writing Sharia compliant wills.
    2. Distribution of inheritance according to Sharia.
  1. The calculation of Zakat.
  1. Financial Transactions:
    1. Providing consultation and advice in financial disputes.
    2. Devising commercial contracts compliant with Sharia.
    3. Sharia adjudication in financial disputes.
  1. Mediation between the different sections of the Muslim community in Great Britain.
  1. Intervention to solve and assist with problems regarding child abscondance.  
Bear in mind that all this is being offered in a city in England, the land that gave us the Magna Carta and birthed modern notions about freedom and civil rights.

One wonders why Abedi bothered to blow up infidels when they're heading in the right direction (so to speak) anyway, and on their own.

Update: Prior to taking up residency at 10 Downing Street, Theresa May had nothing but praise for sharia in the UK:
May sparked controversy when she spoke out in support of the Islamic courts operating in the country, telling the nation they could "benefit a great deal" from Sharia teachings.
Benefit? What a crock! And what a silly cow!